How can a parent help their child to do better in school? Studies have shown that children do better in school if their parents encourage reading at home. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful in achieving this goal.

  1. Read in front of your child. Children learn to value reading as an activity when they see their parents enjoying reading.
  2. Read aloud to your child. People of all ages love being told stories and having someone read to them. After you have finished reading, talk with your child about his or her feelings and opinions of characters, plot, and information covered in the selection.
  3. Monitor the amount and kind of television programs your child watches. Studies have shown that most children who watch twenty or more hours of television per week do not do well in school. Encourage your child to watch quality, educational programs.

Do you read to your child on a regular basis? Reading aloud to children:

  • Improves listening and reading comprehension skills.
  • Enlarges children's vocabulary.
  • Demonstrates correct language patterns.
  • Helps children make connections and better understand their world.
  • Makes for quality family time.

"Reading aloud to children stimulates their interests, emotional development, imagination, and their language." ~Jim Trelease