Counselor's Corner

An important life skill is having a positive attitude.  It is important for students to have a positive attitude in everything they do.  According to "Building a Champion Character" by Susan Rose, we can help ensure our children have a positive attitude and stay emotionally healthy by being aware of the four A's:

Attention:  Everyone needs attention!  As a parent you can help your children feel positive about themselves by being attentive and listening to them.

Appreciation:  We can help our children respect themselves and value their own uniqueness by praising them.

Acceptance:  By recognizing our children's talents and challenges, we show them acceptance.  We can help them grow and learn by using their mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

Affection:  Everyone needs to feel loved and cherished.  A kind word or a warm hug can make a big difference in your child's day!

Help promote a positive attitude in your child by teaching him or her the four A's!

If you think your child will benefit from participating in a support group such as: Study Skills, Family Changes, Anger Management, Variety Pack, Grief, Making Good Choices, or Building Positive Self Esteem, please contact your child’s teacher 

or me (Ms. Clock) at 747-5226